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The first food animal products detection solution! An innovation combining innovative detectors and AI.


We have developed SensVegan

A concentrate of technology that detects the presence of non-vegan molecules in a small sample in a solid or liquid state. A single analysis allows the detection of several animal products. The tool can be customized via an application (available free of charge) in which the user completes his "vegan profile". By default, the device is programmed to detect the 10 most common animal products.

Being vegan is a personal manifesto for your health, for the planet and for the animal cause. Belief is not the only reason for veganism, conscience is too:

If we want a sustainable world, we need to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and therefore reduce meat consumption drastically
IPCC . Veganism can have a positive impact on both health and the environment. This global evolution will be accompanied by the need to recognise all 100% vegan products and to discard the others. For example, preparing food for friends or going to a restaurant are moments of pleasure that become real challenges, how can we be sure to prepare/consume 100% vegan dishes.


the Industrial world

The B-to-B version allows the detection of molecules in a sample in solid, liquid and gaseous state. It can also be used to determine the composition of the product. We can cite several examples of fields of application:

In the food industry, SensVegan from Ainsensix is a major asset in quality control processes. With its ultra-fast analysis, it detects all molecules and provides the complete composition of the sample. This makes it extremely easy to determine whether the product meets expectations and which parameters need to be adjusted. This way you can find out if your subcontractor, supplier or white label uses these techniques:
-bovine bone meal to bleach and purify the sugar
-carmine red (E120) is cochineal powder
-beer is purified with isinglass (fish bladder)
-the use of serum albumin extracted from animal blood
-shampoo containing sheep's wool fat, mink oil,...
-soap made from beef fat (tatallowate)
-toothpaste contains pig fat
-perfume contains castoreum, goat gland, sperm whale extracts
-softener contains sheep fat
-gelatine capsule made from fish
-condom containing casein (milk protein)
So be vigilant and reassured with SensVegan.

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