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The first food allergen detection solution! An innovation combining innovative detectors and AI.


We have developed SensAllergy

A concentrate of technology that detects the presence of allergenic molecules in a small sample in a solid or liquid state. A single analysis allows the detection of several allergens. The tool can be customized via an application (available free of charge) in which the user completes his "allergic profile". By default, the device is programmed to detect the 14 most common allergens.

Allergies are now the fourth most common chronic disease in the world. The WHO predicts that by 2050, 1 in 2 people worldwide will suffer from allergies. This global trend is accompanied by an increase in severe allergic reactions with heart or kidney failure and cases of poly-sensitization, i.e. allergies involving many foods simultaneously. food allergies also have social consequences that are often very disabling. For example, eating at a friend's house or in a restaurant are moments of pleasure that become real challenges.


the Industrial world

The B to B version allows to detect the presence of molecules in a sample in solid, liquid and gaseous state. It also allows to determine the composition of the product by simple contact. We can cite several examples of application fields:

In the food industry, Sensallergy from Ainsensix is a major asset in quality control processes. Thanks to its ultra-fast analysis, it detects all molecules and provides the complete composition of the sample. Thus, it is extremely easy to define if the product is in conformity with the expectations and which parameters need to be readjusted.

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